Informational Confrence Calls

Weekly teleconference to update the community on emerging COVID-19 related health and behavioral concerns and directives.

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Similarly to other communities of color in our region, the Ethiopian population is geographically concentrated in Southeast Seattle and South King County

ethiopia, simien national park, sunset

Many Ethiopians work in essential and frontline jobs, putting them at high risk of contracting COVID-19.

ethiopia, simien national park, sunset
Technology Literacy-

Given the lack of translated or interpreted materials and access to computer literacy courses, many people do not receive critical health information from health officials in a timely and culturally relevant manner.

ethiopia, simien national park, sunset
Race/ethnic and Socioeconomic Status-

As national and regional data show, Black communities are being highly impacted by this pandemic.

Why Tesfa Program

We focus on COVID-19 issues that intersect with social determinants of health directly impacting the Ethiopian community. We to improve health outcomes for the Ethiopian community by furthering the efforts of health care and public health providers by encouraging healthy behaviors in a culturally competent manner

Addressing Access and Outcome Disparities

We address accessibility and outcome disparities by increasing: